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Table 2 Comparison of litigation and petitions

From: "Selective firming" of the self-boundary: social movements and the reshaping of the state-individual relationship during China’s transformation: A case study of a collective litigation caused by demolition in City B

  Litigation Petitions to upper-level governments
Framing logic Rights based on laws Grievance attributed to administrative problems
Forms of appeal United appeal Fragmental appeals
Procedures to appeal Clear since it is stated in procedural laws No clear procedure in text
Controllability and predictability of outcome Controllable procedure; unpredictable outcome Totally out of control and unpredictable
Impact on social stability Beneficial to social stability Jeopardizes social stability
Relationships between the two parties of the protest Equal and independent Subordinate and affiliated
Self-concept Boundary-firm self Boundary-permeated self
State-individual relationship Egalitarian Subordinate