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Table 4 An example of political interlock (2011)

From: “Status projection”—a study of the foundation of independent directors among China’s listed companies

Company name Registration place Industry Law firm Duration
Taiji (002368) Beijing, Haidian Electronics and information: computer and external equipment, IC, software and communication devices Tianyuan law firm 2008–2014
JieSai (002544) Guangdong, Guangzhou Communication technology: communication systems and devices, computers and components, software Haiwen law firm 2010–2012
Wanda (300168) Shanghai, Guiping Electronics and information: technical advice in computer industry, computers and components Jintiancheng law firm 2010–2013
Gaohong (000851) Guizhou, Guiyang Communication: network products, communication equipment, computer hardware/software and external equipment Tianxing law firm; Hairen law firm 2006–2012
Caihong (600707) Shanxi, Xi’an Electronic components: color monitor components, electronic products and components, raw material 2005–2012
  1. Data from Oriental Fortune (, CSMAR