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Table 1 Public sectors and their relevant services at the service center

From: Innovative public goods production and organizational form selection: a case study of the Wenzhou Private Lending Service Center

Public sector Relevant services
People’s Bank of China Inquiry on the personal credit record in the PBC personal credit query system. The service center is the first nonbanking institution which provides this service in China.
Vehicle Administrative Vehicle/automobile mortgage business in private lending can be directly registered at the service center with the special line from the Wenzhou Vehicle Administrative.
Industrial and Commercial Bureau For private lending with equity mortgages, intellectual property rights mortgages, and device mortgages; these can be directly registered with the Industrial and Commercial Bureau.
Housing Management Bureau For private lending with housing mortgages; the Housing Management Bureau can directly register and shorten the registration procedure.
Highway Department For private lending with taxi operation rights as mortgages; the service center helps to notarize in the Zhongxin notary office and register in the Highway Department.
People’s Court For registered transactions, whenever a dispute occurs, the People’s Court is able to provide express service; when violation of a transaction occurs, the People’s Court is able to implement a court ruling without litigation.
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