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Table 1 Individual circumstances and care for elders

From: Practising and displaying xiao—young mothers’ negotiations of obligations to elders

  Employment status (women/husband) Interviewee’s place of residence Parents/parents-in-law’s place of residence Support for elders
Women Outsider Government/employer
Chaochao Teacher in high school/teacher in high school Jilin Urban Giving gifts for birthdays and holidays
Weekly visiting
n/a Pension
Chunchun Marketing manager/Senior manager in bank Changchun Urban Financial support
Gifts in kind
Carer (helping for cooking and cleaning) Pension
Dandan Teacher in primary school/Teacher in high school Jilin Semi-rural Financial assistance n/a Pension
Huahua Teacher/administrator Jilin Semi-rural Financial assistance Aunt Pension
Jingjing Journalist/editor Jilin Urban Pay for institutional care fee Institutional care Pension
Juanjuan Administrator/government employee Jilin Urban personal care (occasional) n/a Pension
Lele Teacher/worker in private company Jiaohe Rural Financial assistance Aunt No
Lili Doctor/business manager Jilin Rural Monthly visiting
Monthly financial support
Providing extra financial and physical support when needed
n/a No
Nannan Worker in power company/worker in power company Jilin Urban Personal care (occasional) n/a Pension
Supplementary medical insurance
Qiuqiu Accountant (divorced) Changchun Urban Gifts in kind n/a Pension
Supplementary medical insurance
Ruirui Teacher/accountant Jilin Urban Gifts Carer Pension
Xiaoli Factory worker/taxi driver Jiaohe Rural Monthly financial support n/a Subsistence allowance (small amount)
Yiyi Doctor/engineer Jilin Co residence (parents)/rural (parents-in-law) Parents-in-law:
Monthly financial support
Monthly visiting
Extra financial and physical support when need
Pay for daily expense
n/a No (parents-in-law) pension and supplementary medical insurance (parents)
Yueyue Factory worker/factory worker Jilin Urban Gifts n/a Pension
Zhenzhen Teacher high school/government employee Jiaohe Semi-rural Weekly visiting and giving gifts for both parents and parents-in-law n/a Pension