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Table 1 Surveys on happiness in China

From: Surveying happiness in China: comparing measures of subjective well-being

Name (English/Chinese) Year N Type Host Countries Design Sampling
Asiabarometer (AB)/亚洲指标调查数据库 2006 2000 academic University of Niigata Prefecture cross-natl face-to-face interviews national
Blessed Happiness (BH)/中国公众幸福感受调查问卷 2016 2627 academic Georgetown University China face-to-face interviews national
China Health and Nutrition Survey CHNS)/中国健康和营养调查 2011 26,000 academic University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill China not found national
Chinese General Social Survey (CGSS)/中国综合社会调查 2003–2007, 2010–2019 5894 academic Renmin Unviersity and the Hong Kong Unviersity of Science and Technology China not found urban-only (2003); national (2012)
Pew Global Attitudes Project (Pew)/佩尤全球态度调查 2002, 2005, 2007, 2010 approx. 2000–3500 public opinion Pew Research Center cross-natl face-to-face interviews urban-only
Spiritual Life Study of Chinese Residents (SL)/消费、幸福感及社会意见调查 2007 7021 academic Association of Religion Data Archives China face-to-face interviews national
World Vaues Survey (WVS)/世界价值观调查 1990, 1995, 2001, 2007, 2012 approx. 1000–2500 academic Research Center for Contemporary ChinaPeking University cross-natl face-to-face interviews national