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Table 1 Distribution of social class and consumption patterns (initial model)

From: Social class differences in consumption propensity in contemporary China – from survival-oriented consumption to development-oriented consumption

  Proportion of each social class among the total labour force (%) Household consumption expenditure per capita for each social class (%) MPC of each social class
Business owners 4.67 44.47 0.177***
New middle class 12.98 76.23 0.471***
Old middle class 13.92 83.24 0.513***
Working class 33.60 83.94 0.395***
Peasants class 34.83 101.53 0.315***
  1. Because household social class status is indexed by the social class status of the householder, the distribution of social classes is calculated beyond the consideration over size of the household
  2. ***p < 0.001