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Table 1 Organizational commitment: average score for each item

From: The social bases of a committed labor force: how guanxi works in the Chinese factories?

Dimensions Items Average score
Feeling of belonging and identity 1. I feel like “part of the family” at my organization. .74
2. I feel that the boss and managers truly care about our well-being. .46
Consensus between individual and organization 3. I often feel my interests do not ally with the firm’s interests. (Adverse item) − .32
4. All in all, I really feel as if this organization’s problems are my own. .53
5. I feel that my value system differs from what the firm tries to nurture. (Adverse item) − .42
Attraction of organization 6. I am proud to be in this organization. .64
7. I would feel proud if the products we produce could be sold to other countries. .84