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Table 1 Fundamental enunciation

From: The “body of ritual” transformed: discourses and actions in the Daba rituals among the Na (Moso)

No. Title Main content
1 “hanagu” Basic code of human conduct
2 “Zimukrua”a Human dreaming many fantastic scenes, then performing good divination in front of gods
3 “dhadha” Succession of Daba in the lineage since the ancient time
4 “bujutu” Admonitory talk to malefic spirits (“tsi”)
5 “émiso” Recognizing and describing species and sources of malefic spirits
6 “jiZi” Describing ritual offerings and tools
7 “pudZiola” Geneses and development of the societies of the Han, Tibetans and Na
8 “luee” Birth and development of the human society
9 “dZitsiradZio” Birth of the external world (e.g., mountains, valleys and rivers)
10 “dhigaidagai” Fighting back against the enemies in human society
11 “mulidZibu”b Legendary black-white war representing the Good and the Evil
  1. aThis can be further divided into “Zimukrua” and “wangtsiyé.” The former means dream and the later refers to divination process and good results
  2. bAccording to different accents, some Daba also call it “mulidZiba”