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Table 4 Regression results: predicting variables, coefficients, and P values

From: Understanding leisure satisfaction of Chinese seniors: human capital, family capital, and community capital

Predicting variable Standardized coefficient Beta Significant level
Married vs. single 0.14 0.03
Age 75 and older 0.11 0.04
Physical health 0.09 0.08
Family relationship 0.13 0.02
Living with family vs. alone 0.29 < 0.01
Trust 0.14 0.01
Educational attainment   N.S.
Gender   N.S.
Migrants vs. locals   N.S.
Big city vs none big city   N.S.
Dayuan vs. Shequ   N.S.
Interaction between (living with family vs. alone) and (migrants vs. locals)   N.S.
  1. N.S. not significant