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Table 2 Covariant relationship between the intra-organizational legitimacy of ERP and its application effect

From: Why technology adoption succeeds or fails: an exploration from the perspective of intra-organizational legitimacy

Application phasesPerformance legitimacyTask legitimacyValue legitimacyIntra-organizational legitimacyThe extent of success of the ERP application
Adoption decision
 Launch point 1 (in plan)  
 Launch point 2 (in practice) +++1.5
In-depth application++++3.8
  1. + signs signify increased legitimacy compared to the last phase, - signs signify decreased legitimacy compared to the last phase
  2. aThe decline in the score (0.8 versus 1.5) is due to the fact that ERP had been destructively changed to just the minimum qualification for existing in the organization—“at least someone is using it”