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Table 4 Estimated two-way margins of 4 cluster LCA models by Xin Liu’s class scheme: 2010 CGSS

From: Class structure and income inequality in transitional China

 Row proportion Column proportion
 Cluster 1Cluster 2Cluster 3Cluster 4Cluster 1Cluster 2Cluster 3Cluster 4
I. Command0.021.044.334.7
II. Upper new middle0.526.969.23.4 0.14.652.53.1
III. Lower new middle0.579.315.54.7 0.234.629.910.9
IV. Small business owner and self-employed43.
V. Skilled worker0.493.73.92.0
VI. Unskilled worker1. 0.334.43.23.5
VII. Farmer98.