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Table 5 Class positions in transitional China: 2010 CGSS

From: Class structure and income inequality in transitional China

Class positionTotal%Region (%)Gender (%)
1. Party and government organs and public institution cadre: middle and higher level440.
2. Party and government organs and public institution cadre: below middle level2352.
3. SOE manager: middle and higher level300.
4. SOE manager and supervisor: lower-level manager and supervisor1421.
5. Administrative staff and clerk112010.
6. Private business owner with 10 or more employees900.
7. Private business owner with 2-9 employees2422.
8. Self-employed7977.
9. Higher-level private manager with 10 or more subordinates2152.
9. Lower-level private manager with 1-9 subordinates2392.
10. Household contractor of rural collective economy437239.914.950.554.735.245.0
12. Higher-level professional580.
13. Middle-level professional1481.
14. Lower-level and associate professional6015.
15. Skilled worker10849.914.19.05.910.79.0
16. Unskilled worker155114.