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Table 3 Fit indices of models

From: Investigating the longitudinal interrelationship between housework time and market earnings: disentangling between-person from within-person effects

M1. CLPM (no covariates)2430,8203620.860.090.10
M2. RI-CLPM (no covariates)2130,5961150.960.050.05
M3. RI-CLPM (with covariates)11961,3322990.960.030.03
M4. Multiple group (with covariates)22659,2494080.930.030.04
  1. Covariates include age, age squared, daily paid work hours, occupation, work sector, years of education, parenthood status, family wealth, provincial level of marketization index, and geographical region. All continuous variables were standardized
  2. BIC Bayesian information criterion, CFI comparative fit index, RMSEA root mean square error of approximation, SRMR standardized root mean square residual