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Table 3 Most painful inequalities in the eyes of Russians, 2018, %

From: Socio-economic inequalities in modern Russia and their perception by the population

Types of inequality Painful for society Painful for respondents themselves
Income inequality 83.8 69.4
Inequality of access to medical care 69.6 51.2
Inequality of living conditions 64.0 36.0
Inequality of access to good jobs (for working population) 51.9 37.5
Inequality of access to education 47.7 22.5
Inequality of opportunities for children from different social groups 32.6 19.0
Inequality of available leisure activities 22.4 27.0
Inequality of property ownership 19.5 15.6
Inequality in social capital 8.8 10.1
None 1.5 9.3
  1. Source: IS FCTAS RAS data, calculations by the author. The positions where the increase since 2015 has exceeded 5% are indicated in bold cursive