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Table 2 Analysis on the difference of average housing wealth owned by different groups (2017, urban areas, N = 5165)

From: Housing wealth inequality in urban China: the transition from welfare allocation to market differentiation

  Group classification Average housing wealth (10,000 yuan)
Household income Low-income group 27.92
Middle-income group 48.87
High-income group 123.92
Education Untaught 35.23
Primary school 36.42
Junior high school 45.66
Senior high school 66.56
College and university 118.48
Occupation Managerial personnel 153.93
Managerial personnel in the state sector 132.66
Professionals and technicians 97.49
Professionals and technicians in the state sector 95.78
Clerks 102.65
Clerks in the state sector 98.51
Small proprietors and self-employed 62.81
Blue-collar workers 50.64
Blue-collar workers in the state sector 59.63
The administrative level of cities Centrally administered municipalities 263.99
Provincial capital cities 125.08
Other cities and towns 71.37
Hukou status Urban 90.19
Rural 40.25
State sector Insiders 88.95
Outsiders 58.36
Total 63.56