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Table 3 Decomposition of peer social capital effect on academic achievement

From: Duration matters: peer effects on academic achievement with random assignment in the Chinese context

VariableAwarded in 2nd yearAwarded in 3rd year
Controlled variables
 Awarded (1st year, self)2.307***(0.084)1.801***(0.079)
 Ethnic Han0.654***(0.157)0.811***(0.162)
 CPC member0.372*(0.153)0.133(0.145)
 Low-income family0.412***(0.090)0.372***(0.085)
 Dorm building (19 dummy variables)Yes Yes 
Explanatory variables
 Same major (reference: different major)0.081(0.088)0.070(0.082)
 Awarded (1st year, roommate)0.041(0.086)0.235**(0.081)
 Awarded (1st year, roommate)* same major0.130(0.107)− 0.069(0.102)
Intercept− 3.620***(0.332)− 3.457***(0.322)
N10,044 10,044 
Pseudo R20.240 0.174 
  1. Standard deviation is in parentheses
  2. !p < 0.1; *p < 0.05; **p < 0.01; ***p < 0.001