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Table 2 Industrial and post-industrial elite incomes in Sweden in 1950–2016, measured in average industrial workers’ wages

From: Two epochal turns of inequality, their significance, and their dynamics

  1950 1980 2016
The business elite 26.1 9.1 88.3
Bureaucratic and professional elite 6.7 4.0 7.8
Elected political elite 4.3 2.9 3.8
  1. Income includes salaries and other remuneration before tax. The business elite is a sample of CEOs of the biggest enterprises of a range of economic sectors. The bureaucratic and professional include top state appointees and top incumbents in universities and the media. The year of 1980 was the nadir of industrial inequality. Source: Landsorganisationen i Sverige, Makteliten .- toppnoterar igen, Stockholm, LO, 2018, pp. 21 and 12n