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Table 6 Ideas and methods of the robustness test

From: Institutional inertia, local leadership turnover, and changes in the structure of fiscal expenditure

  Purpose Method
Test 1: The influence of central government policy Controlling the influence of the central policy direction on the provincial fiscal expenditure structure in different periods Controlling the “absolute deviation of the fiscal expenditure structure between the local government and the central government” in the regression model
Test 2: Change to province-level data Testing the validity of the data: (1) To determine whether the term length of the local party and government leaders has the same impact on the fiscal expenditure structure of the province and the provincial level. (2) Use data after 2007 to avoid the impact of budget reform and to test whether the conclusion drawn is the same as that above Replacing the sample with 2007–2018 “province-level” fiscal expenditure data
Test 3: Change in the sample time interval Using the province-level fiscal expenditure data from 2007 to 2018 to avoid the impact of budget reforms