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Table 5 The effects of policy simulation

From: Does preschool attendance affect the urban-rural cognition gap among middle school students? Evidence from China Education Panel Survey

Panel A
Policy 1: Increasing preschool opportunity for rural children Effects of preschool attendance Average improvement(=×) Gap narrowed(=/cognition gap)
Nationwide: 77.45%→85.66% 0.136 0.011 4.44%
Western: 74.08%→87.47% 0.164 0.022 6.73%
Panel B
Policy 2: Extending preschool duration for rural children Effects of preschool duration Average improvement (=×) Gap narrowed(=/ cognition gap)
Nationwide: 1.97 years→2.42 years 0.062 0.028 11.29%
Western: 1.71 years→2.47 years 0.052 0.040 12.23%
Panel C
Total effect of the two policies(=+)
Nationwide 15.73%
Western 18.96%
  1. Notes: (1) The data on the increase of preschool opportunity and the extension of duration are from Table 2; (2) The effects of preschool attendance are from Table 3; (3) The effects of preschool duration are estimated on the Grade 7 rural sample of nationwide and western region respectively; (4) The data on cognition gap is from Table 1